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      Some questions by a new dream voyager...

      I have a few questions I would love to have answered to help me in my attempts:

      1. Does one ever "grow out" of doing reality checks? As in, eventually lucidity will come naturally? I've heard stories of individuals that can induce lucidity in deep mental states at any given point during the day after great practice.
      2. I've found a reality check that really appeals to me. It's a looped Tibetan gong that plays every 20 minutes, at which times you perform your reality check. You listen to this as you sleep and thus lucidity is invoked through an auditory trigger. My worry with this method however is that I could imagine this becoming somewhat of a crutch. I won't always have access to the sound file, so when I am without it will I be helpless to become lucid? Will I be able to eventually become lucid without this sound file after using it long enough?
      3. How closely tied are near-death experiences and DMT-like states to lucid dreaming? These realms of the human condition are most interesting to me.
      4. Does anyone have any experience with iDoser, and as such do any opinions exist on its usefulness in lucid dreaming?

      Thanks in advance for any and all answers!

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      1) yes people eventually become masters at lucid dreaming and no longer require much techniques.

      2) You will get used to questioning reality every twenty minutes so yes it should definitely be reflected in your dream without the audio cue even playing. A large part in becoming lucid is awareness and because you will get used to doing this every time you hear the noise it should eventually become second nature.

      3) Near death experiences and DMT are not exactly comparable to lucid dreaming. Mainly for the fact that in a lucid dream you can feel completely clear, in control and aware unlike the state's which many drugs induce which is more often quite uncontrollable to a certain extent. What I've heard about DMT certainly makes it seem alot more wacked out than LDing but you might not have that sensation of ultimate power because it can be quite random.

      4)Idoser uses binuaral beats right. In general they work 50/50 depends on if you believe they will work. It can help induce certain states helpfull for LDing. I wouldn't say they have a huge influence but they can definetely act as an aid.

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