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    Thread: Dream Morality

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      Dream Morality

      I've had two dreams recently where I actually questioned myself and the right and wrong of the situation. Does this mean I'm getting close to becoming lucid?

      In the first one, there was a frisbee on the ground near a group of people. I thought to myself, I want that frisbee, I should just go grab it. I then thought, well it's not mine, they might think I am stealing it. So, I didn't.

      In the second one, I hit a red parked truck that had a for sale sign on it, I thought I could just leave, no consequences. Then, I thought, I should do the right thing and fess up. Two days later, a car did back into mine!

      I've been listening to meditations with earbuds along with delta and theta wave recordings for a few hours or until I take the earphones out in my sleep. The other night I thought, I don't hear the music but I can feel the earphones in my ears. I fell back "asleep" and then thought again, no the music is gone and took out the earphones.

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      Hmm I think that it is a good sign, with regards to lucidity.

      Personally I think that anything that makes you stop and think about the situation, in general, builds up to your awareness. And eventually, that awareness can get you lucid.

      So great job! You're on the right track. And not only that, but I think it's also good that morals seep into the subconscious. Even though it's a dream, it still reflects an aspect of our personality, so that only shows you have a pleasant one

      Good luck.

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      I was never able to think logically, or be part of a regular dream, untill I started to practice lucid dreaming. So yes, I would say, that thinking and making decisions in regular dreams means, that you are getting more aware.

      Check out the DV Academy. There are classes for beginners and also for dream yoga and induction techniques. Teachers will be able to provide you with personalized guidance. Happy dreams

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      Thank you both for your words of encouragement!

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