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      Opening eyes in a dream & LD of WILD

      Lately I've been having lots of DILDS. I've been having dreams where I'm in bed with my eyes closed, trying to WILD. I will dream the sensations and my LD will start. I know for sure that I'm just dreaming of WILDing, because there was one dream where I was in bed trying to WILD, and when I felt the sensations my body rolled off the bed and I fell on the floor but then I started LDing and flying etc.. I'm pretty sure I'm technically DILDing because I'm not actually going in the LD consciously.

      Anyway, I just woke up from a DILD nap. I remember having a dream of trying to WILD, but when I entered the LD I couldn't see anything. The sensations had started happening and eventually I could tell I was dreaming. I started to focus on gaining control. I started to observe what I was feeling. I got all these sensations and feelings, but all I saw was white. I knew that I was dreaming and I couldn't see anything. I was getting impatient trying to visualize the scenes. I knew my eyes were closed, so I started to slowly open my eyes, hoping that I would be able to see something. When I did (or felt like I did) all I saw was white with striations and blurs everywhere. It was almost exactly like the white animus background from assassins creed.

      All of a sudden I started to hear these vivid noises, it sounded really scary and I started to feel like something was coming to grab me. I got all these weird uncomfortable sensations and I tried my hardest to leave wherever I was. I remember the sounds and white going away, but I cant remember anything after this. Also, I didn't wake up after the scary sounds.

      How do I properly "open my dream eyes", and why wasn't I able to see anything?

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      I'm sure it will work next time you try. I've gotten stuck like you before and I tried to open my real eyes which resulted me in opening the dream ones.

      As to why you couldn't see, the dream was probably unstable or you hadn't transitioned properly yet. Might have been in the right mode but expected or worried that you wouldn't be able to see and thus your vision didn't work.

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