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      Lightbulb Lucid dream to plant suggestions into my subconciouse?

      1) Do you think you could plant suggestions into your subconscious via lucid dreaming? I've read that once you've started lucid dreaming your effectively within your subconscious so for example i always have an urge to watch too much TV so could a plant a suggestion in my mind to instead of having an urge to watch TV to go and lift weights even planting suggestions to make me thoroughly enjoy it? this is just an example but you get my meaning

      second does anyone else have a problem with their throat closing when they stop tensing it? i don't mean completely it's just harder to breath and when I'm extremely close to reaching lucid dream i end up having to swallow or re tense my throat (which obviously prevents me from reaching lucidity. so do you have a wide throat that just stays wide all the time and that's why you can lucid dream? or do you experience what i do with my throat and if so how do you deal with it? THX

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      I just breathe and swallow like i normally do in rested state. You shouldn't focus on it or you'll get the effect you're describing at the moment of WILDing and thats actually preventing you from it.

      I mean you don't just stop all that when you're falling asleep normally right?

      For your first question. I think what you mean is getting motivated. Not like inception where you plant a seed that will automatically grow on its own.
      What i some times do (lucid and non lucid) is dream about ideas or things that keep me busy and approach them in my dream state. When you dream you have a whole new view on your problem and all the "virtual reality" help of your own mind where you can try anything with the problem with great detail and absurdity.
      That on is own is very motivating when waking up like maybe being able to lift a lot of weight in your dream will let you experience how that is and will give you extra drive to do it in real life.

      But say you start lucid dreaming about sports in stead of watching tv. Doesn't that already mean you are changing your attitude? But that all depends on the person i guess.

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