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    Thread: Did I almost DILD?

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      Did I almost DILD?

      Hello everyone

      I don't think I've ever LD'd yet. But about a week ago I had a very vivid dream, however I couldn't control it. I did however know I was dreaming. Is that weird? I was in a huge building with people from my school there with me. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember picking up a newspaper at one point and then I said to my self "I'm dreaming". All of a sudden my whole vision went completely black and I heard a buzzing noise. What was that? Next thing I know I'm awake. (In real life, not a false awakening)

      Any insight on what happened and what I could possibly do to try and turn something like this "properly" lucid next time? Thank you!
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      That is, in fact, a lucid dream. By definition, a lucid dream is a dream in which you have conscious awareness of the fact that you are dreaming. Having a lucid dream doesn't mean you have full control of the dream.

      Also, since you became lucid within the dream itself, your LD qualifies as a DILD.

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      Yup, I agree, that was a lucid DILD. Also it is quite common in early lucids to become too excited by the realization that you are dreaming and wake up soon after. Try to stay calm. Also try to stabilize your lucid dream next time you get one - http://www.dreamviews.com/wiki/Dream...arity-Tutorial
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      Welcome to DV SoulWithin!

      What you are describing is that initial realization that begins a lucid dream. You had a single moment of lucidity, and bam! Most people wake up when that happens. It looks as if you stayed with in at least for a couple moments before waking up. That part where your vision blacked out and you heard the buzzing sound is the intermediary stage between wakefulness and the dream state. So it seems you held on for just a sec, then woke up.
      Its a great start, and I hope you stick with LDing cuz it looks like you have a natural talent for it. Congrats!

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      Well, thank you everyone..!
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