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      The Voice behind the Dream

      Has anyone ever talked to the Voice behind the dream? I've done it a number of times, most of the time I've gotten one that literally doesn't sound like a singular voice... But many voices talking in unison together, for the sake of not confusing anyone I'll call it #1. One time I heard one that was similar to #1, but I could also hear MY voice in it when it spoke. I never have with #1. I've also heard less than a handful of other much more normal voices (literally sounded like a person who wasn't physically there over a loudspeaker or something), including a woman. And most recently in the past week I heard one that literally sounded JUST LIKE ME. I asked it a series of questions and I heard what sounded like my voice answering back to each one...

      I want to know if anyone else has tried this before? All the research I've done on the subject hasn't really helped me at all, the people that mention the voice never state what it SOUNDS like when they hear it. I am dying to know what #1 is, along with the second one I mentioned and the one that literally sounded just like me... Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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      I heard many voices in my normal dreams, by waking up (still hearing it awake), in Lucid Dreams and in my Sleep Paralysis. For me I can only remember one time I talked to the dreams ''God'' and I can't really remember what he said. Not so long ago I heard a voice by slowly waking up from a Lucid Dream, and it kept repeating the word even as I was wide awake. The word the voice was saying was ''Zelaetaway'' and it's the first time I clearly remembered what something said in a Lucid Dream, as when I try to remember anything else said in my Lucid Dreams or sleep paralysis it's like trying to remember a foreign language that you only could understand when sleeping. I also almost hear hallucinations in my Sleep Paralysis and one time a voice talked directly to me, it was if it was inside my head and it talked with a Ventrilo voice (with the beep that you get on the push to talk) The voice was basically telling me what was wrong with my body and he sounded like a tech support. All the other hear hallucinations basically sound like ghosts not being aware of me, monsters, and general madness overall.

      But I kind of relate to what you are saying, I kind of aware sometimes (even in my normal dreams) that there is something ''above'' controlling the dream and that thing is deciding what the general dream rule is.

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      Dang that's crazy. I can remember a LD I had in which #1, (The voice that sounds like 100 voices talking in unison), said "Louielongu." (Lou-e-long-ooh) I have absolutely no clue what that means but I remember it almost being engraved in my head as I awoke...

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