This is a quest for players of Psyblade, the Serial Dream Role Playing Game. To find out how to play, click on the link in my signature.

This Side Quest is everlasting. This quest may take multiple dreams, as any Dream Quest.

The Way of the Wand
Go out into the forest outside of Denn, and further still, if you must, to find the steed. Enchant this creature with your magic, and ride upon its back.
Bonus: Cast a spell of Protection around your steed.


The Way of the Sword

Enter the Mythic Stables of Denn. Challenge and beat the most powerful beast in the stable. The beast will bow to you, then ride upon it.
Bonus: Place beautifully engraved elven plate mail upon your steed.


The Way of the Dagger

Sneak into the Orcs' Camp, and steal one of their amazing steeds. Ride it quietly away, then quick as the wind to freedom.
Bonus: Steal an orcish blade.