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    Thread: The Effects of Dream Journals on Communication

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      The Effects of Dream Journals on Communication

      I have noticed that my perception has changed drastically after LDing for many years.
      I have also noticed that the way i communicate with others has changed, but have never put the two together until a few days ago.
      And it makes me wonder, does keeping a dream journal influence the way we communicate?

      After all, our brain has incredible plasticity and is especially susceptible to change in the morning, immediately after coming out of a theta brainwave state. We most likely are in an alpha brainwave state for at least 5-10 minutes after waking up (unless were maybe startled awake), which leaves us the most receptive for consciously influencing or programming our state of mind. And it is always at this time, that we write in our dream journals.

      And the way I write in my dream journal is very different than how I write anywhere else.

      We also enter an alpha state as we are falling asleep, as our brainwaves slow down. And I personally, always read my dream journal each night before going to sleep, to put myself in that mindset.

      I feel that by constantly affirming this very specific way of communicating ideas every night and morning, has drastically influenced the way I convey information to others.

      While I would like to say that this is a positive thing, i do not think it is. I feel that i am not as effective at communicating abstract ideas, as I only say things in the simplest, most concrete way possible (as this is how I write my dreams): I did this, this happened.
      In an attempt to positively influence my method of communication in a direction I desire, i have began to write my dream journal as beautifully as possible. I use lots of metaphors, almost like poetry. It might even be a more effective way of expressing the reality of the dream state. Its challenging, but i think that it will be a rewarding endeavor.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts I would love to hear yours!
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      Wow, hard to believe I never thought about that. I have always tried to go into detail about my dreams, so I never have really experienced this. Fascinating none the less.
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      I have not noticed any changes in my verbal, non-dream related communication with others.

      But I do write my dreams in as many details as I can. And I don't write down only facts, but also my feelings... I really try to capture the athmosphere of the dream, so I can imagine it better when re-reading later on. But since I'm not a writer, my capacity to write them like a poetry is severely lacking.

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      While i do say i write things as simply as possible, i mean so in the sense that i do not elaborate on why i did things or what i felt, because for me, all i need to do is read what happened and then I remember how I felt/why I did things.
      I guess it just goes to show you how differently everyone writes their dreams.

      I have been recording my dreams in this new fashion for about two weeks now, and its already getting easier. At first i had to think really hard, and force myself to not just pour out my dreams into my journal like i normally do. My thoughts seem to come out more naturally in this new way. And i have noticed a very slight change in my communication with others, but it almost seems like it is to good/to soon to be true.
      Placebo effect perhaps... But maybe not.

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