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    Thread: Trouble remembering what my primary dream goal is while lucid.

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      Trouble remembering what my primary dream goal is while lucid.

      How can this happen to me?!? Where is a DG when I need one?

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      This used to happen to me a lot. Sometimes I'd even go against my intentions in a LD, very frustrating.
      You could try daydreaming about the things you want to do in a LD while you're awake. Have fun with it, visualize yourself as if you were in a dream and you just became lucid. Now go off and accomplish all of your goals.

      Things like this will get a lot easier with time.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jacob46719 View Post
      How can this happen to me?!? Where is a DG when I need one?
      It happens to all of us. The trouble isn't in remembering your goals, but in remembering anything. I know it doesn't seem that way at the time, but it is true. And yeah, ironically enough, DG's show up when your memory is working great and you don't really need much guidance ... go figure.

      You might try getting into a routine of remembering something more simple and concrete first, like reminding yourself where your sleeping body really is. Be sure to include this in the intentions you set before the dream. By remembering something straightforward like this, you are doing a few good things, one of them being turning on access to your memory; and once you can access memory, your goals should be right at your fingertips!
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      A memory trick that most people don't know about is to frequently change the place where you're studying. My theory is that if you do reality checks in various places every day and each time pull something out of your pocket with your dream goal written on it or play a recording of your dream goal it will help you remember it in your dream. If you have a recurring dream that includes something that can exist in your everyday life, then maybe you can modify that thing in real life to be a reminder of your goal and do the reality check when you come into contact with that thing.
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