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      Does this happen to you guys...?

      For the past few years I'm going to say, I've had sleeping problems. No not I can't sleep and I'm cranky, but I'm having cycles where I don't sleep for weeks, sometimes several months (my record so far is 4 months, 3 weeks, 7 days) at a time and then I will suddenly just pass out and be out for 20 hours a day for a solid week. I don't even show symptoms of sleep deprivation. And the weird part is rather than be perfectly normal, I will often be found just staring off into space for several minutes, sometimes half an hour, my family once saw me doing it standing up in my room, just staring at my bookshelf.

      I'm practically having visions, sometimes I would have a vision of something happening, then the very next day or even the next few minutes, everything unravels, scaring me as I realize I witnessed this not once but twice. However I can never fully remember what happens until it is too late. While this has spiked tramedously for me in terms of creativity, (And why I can write things with almost no thinking at all), I'm concerned if this is bad for my health.

      Sometimes I even see visions in broad daylight, awhile back I saw an old lady just standing there staring at me, then as soon as I blink, it vanishes.

      Is there anything that can be described or has been researched into what's going on? Has this ever happened to someone else?

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      sounds like some kind of microsleep, but it'll be better for you to know what's happening with your brain activity, have you tried going to any sleep clinic?

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      I have never heard of this happening. While your visions and boost of creativity sound very fascinating, I'm with kilham on this... You should definitely speak to a professional to make sure there is not a serious underlying condition that could be causing this.

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      Hey. Man this is intense. Anyways. The strange things you see are halucinations. A youtube channel called asap sience said what happends if you dont sleep. He said after some time you get hallucinations.

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