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    Thread: Hypnagogic Imagery or Dream?

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      Hypnagogic Imagery or Dream?

      Last night I woke up and tried the WBTB and SSILD techniques and it took me a while to fall asleep. Eventually I experienced this scene where I was in this hall surrounded by people and dim lights (like a nightclub) and I remember hearing, feeling and tasting things and my mind seemed fully aware, knowing it was my imagination and I was trying not to wake up and snap out of it. I had a very broken sleep and woke up a few more times throughout the night and one another similar scene happened: I was in a car driving through the countryside with my DJ on my lap and reading through it, then realizing it wasn't real and waking up. I'm unsure whether these were hypnagogic hallucinations or actual dreams.
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      Sometimes it's hard to tell. But if you realized you are dreaming, while you were in a dream, that would be a LD. Either way, nice HH are always nice. Happy dreams

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