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      Question on my Dream (False awakening?)

      Hello. Ive started getting into lucid dreaming since the 29th so im pretty new to how everything works. Since i started, ive had at least 3 dreams per night with 1 dream me being able to remember most of it. Last night's dream was very strange ans i think i was close to being lucid or something similar.

      I wont bore you guys with the boring dream so ill try to summarize it.

      I was with a camera crew and they were ready to film me during a lucid dream. I saw a clone of myself telling me "this isnt a dream youre awake, just thinkng about this!" I doubted my clone and he repeated it and said "watch". I was then teleported to my room. I was laying in bed looking at a turned off tv. I was then teleported back to were the cameras and my clone were. I did a reality check of my hands and they looked dark, as if they were scorched, and inflated. The whole world then started shaking uncontrollably and i woke up. Only after writing it down and thinking of the dream did the thought came to me that i might be dreaming the whole time

      Any explanation of what happened? Was that whats called a false awakening? What should i have done when i looked at my hands and the world started shaking? Sorry for the grammar mistakes, i posted this through my phone.

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      ^^ Welcome to DV, Phantox!

      That almost seems like an attempted false awakening (FA), if that's even possible; a FA that, perhaps due to its haphazaerd nature, you managed to override, but that your unconscious then "corrected" by giving your RC a disturbing result. Or it was all just a dream about lucidity, a FA, and failed RC... unlikely, but something to think about!

      I think what you should have done when the world started shaking was step back, pause, and then look at your hands again. You might have been on the edge of losing lucidity when you looked at your "scorched" hands, and that pause might have given you a chance to restore it (your lucidity).

      Or it was all something else altogether!

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