So idk if you guys prefer a story but I'll give a summary or something! So . . . here I go! . . .

As a kid, about 4-5th grade (i am going to be 24 soon!!) I discovered this thing where I feel . . . i don't know exactly what I thought I felt like back then. But I knew it was. . . something different. I ignored it. I have used this ability a couple times mainly for awe and wonder. I had no idea what it was or what it did. In fact I just found out at least I think. But since then I ignored it all my life until now really.

This past week I have been exercising this ability. I feel like I have gotten results. I think? (its been a week only) I tried working on it, but for some reason I feel so much doubt in this ability, maybe the reason why I ignored it so long.

I finally gather the courage to do some research, I find out it is connected to "hysterical" strength. That's when someone lifts a heavy object like a car to save someone's life. The I read about how scientists think it is connected to people's adrenaline! AND then I find out that there are people out there that can do this like me!! I read that people that can do this suspect it has something to do with the pineal gland too!

The experience I have with it have some similarities and some differences I have read on the internet. this includes dilated pupil. For me its like the pupil grows about 10%? I at first thought it was me just moving my head or crouching and you know, light and all that. So I tried this with a flashlight in my eye, and I focused to increase my adrenaline. My pupils did grow!! I feel like a weird feeling in my back, but not my spine like people say. But i feel something on my shoulders and it feels like I am raising something like my body is trying to raise itself, and almost like I can feel the air on my skin? I have tried focusing this "energy" or adrenaline into one area like my hand (trying to make an energy ball like in DBZ lol) and I can get a sense of some numbness.

Also another thing I can do with this is increase my strength? but some of these times I had used it are questionable whether or not It was the adrenaline or maybe I just gotten stronger from the last time I did that lift. Or maybe me focusing on increasing my adrenaline motivated me and helped me push that extra weight?

Well I hope I made some sense when typing this I am really tired. I think this ability cannot be ignored. there is definitely something about this. I mean this thing about hysterical strength. If maybe controlling and increasing the adrenaline can get us to that level where we are lifting objects like card and have super human strength. that is where I think controlling our adrenaline can lead to! I think a lot of people out there have posted on the internet how they can feel this sensation. But i don't hear about how people can use it to lift a car, to jump super high/ far.

I think it's because we are all ignoring it like how I did. no, there is more to it. I try to increase my adrenaline as high as I can go. I feel like I am chasing a light at the end of a tunnel, but its moving fast than I am. i sit there increasing it till i just get tired and stop. have you guys noticed for those of you that can do this, that you can increase your adrenaline by a very little, and stay at that level for a long period? but when you go all out its only for like a minute if you can hold it there. I think you can improve this ability is where I am getting at. What is the final product if you train to do this? Hysterical strength? Or are there steps even further beyond that?