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    Thread: bicycling and exercising at morning help me lucid dream at afternoon

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      bicycling and exercising at morning help me lucid dream at afternoon

      i havent been lucid for about two weeks (maybe because i quit dream journal,just because laziness,but still reality check everyday but just 3 4 times a day).from yesterday i start to ride bicycle in the morning and have a cup of coffee then (two things i never do before),and i have two lucid dreams in the two afternoon.In the 1st one i was very lucid,better than ever,everything was perfect i flied and asked 2 questions and got the answers,everything seemed like in the true world,the wind blow and sounds....the 2nd one was not that good but not bad don't know which is the right stuff,coffee or exrcise or both ? any ideas?
      also,i have tried to WILD technique many,many times and that never work,i lie still wait for sounds or images more than half an hour and nothing comes to me,just itching and thinking ? any advices?
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      I think I know why, in your case, you drank coffee something you don't do much. This is why you easily became lucid and with so much clarity. The caffeine in your system doesn't let you slip into a deep sleep as it should, because coffee has so much caffeine and caffeine tends to keep people awake. Since you never drink the stuff you basically have no tolerance to it as someone who drinks it all the time. So when you took your afternoon nap, you set up the perfect conditions for being lucid in your dreams; basically you cheated =P and didn't even know it =)
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      Well, you have discovered the "nap".

      Naps are excellent time for a lucid. In a nap, we go almost straight into REM, withough going through the deep sleep. That's because our body knows that we just had a whole night of proper sleep cycles, so in a nap, it gives us almost pure REM.

      But if you take your nap too close to your normal bed time, your body may think you are going to bed normally, just a bit earlier, and it may give you all sleep cycles.

      How close it too close? That may be different for everyone. For me, best results are during morning nap, 1-3 hrs after waking up, or even early afternoon nap.

      Caffeine - it may keep you more aware when you are sleeping. So it may be easier to get lucid. Unless you are used to drinking coffee every day. But you are still going through all sleep stages (during night time).

      Excercising - it may have tired you out, so you fell asleep easier and had a nice sleep.

      But the main "culprit", in my opinion, was the nap. Congrats!

      Oh, and about the WILD - here are some tutorials that will explain everything. First one is short and basic one, second is long and very detailed.


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