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    Thread: Can stress prohibit one from dreaming?

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      Can stress prohibit one from dreaming?

      I'm curious as to know if stress can prohibit you from dreaming. For example, I have an injury to my shoulder that sometimes keeps me up at night. I've also been stressed out for other reason, but I don't feel as though it would be polite to post them here. I was sleeping earlier and knew I was resting. So can stress keep one from dreaming? I nearly had two lucid dreams in January, but thanks to the alarm clock and getting too excited I woke up. What's the best way to dream and attain lucidity for you during stressful times?

      I've also discovered that since I've begun to practice Lucid Dreaming that I can recall dreams I had six or seven years ago. Is this normal?

      I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum. If a moderator could move it to the correct one, that would be appreciated.

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      Doesn't prohibit you, but it certainly makes it harder.
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      Considering you've mentioned lucid dreaming, it's not entirely in the wrong forum. Not necessarily the best forum for it either, but no matter. Either way, I'd still have the same opinion that I feel should be shared

      Most definitely, yes. Stress is almost one of the largest factors when attempting lucid dreaming. Weather it be mental/physical (I.e - your body recuperating/rebuilding itself) It all has an effect. For mental stress, I'd recommend the ever so wonderful ways of meditation. I know that reaching a peaceful, deep meditative state, can allow me to forget about all stress, even existence for that matter. As for your body; stay well rested. Don't send your body through fatigue as it needs all it's strength to get you back into tip-top functionality. If it's sort of a chronic, long lasting pain your talking about rather than one you have acquired recently through some sort of an accident, then yes, it may still have an effect if its proving to be interrupting your sleeping patterns.

      I've also discovered that since I've begun to practice Lucid Dreaming that I can recall dreams I had six or seven years ago. Is this normal?
      Very normal to me. I love when this sort of a thing happens. Through different sensations/thought patters nostalgic memories are able to re-surface themselves into view. Enjoy it!

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      I believe that dreaming is a normal affliction of humanity. Whether stressed or not, you will dream. However, stress may make dreams difficult to remember or recall. If you have a busy life, you may not have enough time to dwell on your dreams when you wake up. If you have much on your mind, those things will also get in the way I think.
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