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    Thread: Moon and Stars

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      Moon and Stars

      So I'm not sure, but I think I've actually had my first LD. It was short but sweet! I tried the WILD technique while trying to take a nap since I was physically exhausted. I remember being aware I was sleeping but in some sense felt as if I were completely awake. My LD started by seeing symbols, all sorts and then an image. Does anyone remember the movie ET?


      Just to be clear I haven't watched this movie for more than 20 years so why I saw this I don't know but it helped me initiate my Possible LD. I remember thinking well it looks so beautiful up there and at that point I told myself go there, go to the universe and omg it was amazing, words can't even express how cool it felt to be in control. Then I remember getting nervous because I was so far from home and was afraid of not finding my way back if I went any further. I then said go home and just like google earth, lol I felt my body moving along, flying around and zooming downward until I saw land. Then I woke up! If only I could have stayed longer, the mystery of the universe, stars in arms reach and the beauty of the bright moon was just incredible.
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      Cool dream, congrats. Some of my most memorable lucid scenes are just looking up at the night sky in wonder. I also like the idea of Google Earth as a dream control archetype. I'll have to try that.
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