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      Start in a place in imagination?

      Is it possible in LDing to tart of in a place/setting in your imagination like I imagine a setting/place and fall asleep.... And I start in the
      Area with the people and whatnot:question 1:is this possible
      Question 2: (if yes) how can I do this
      Question 3:have you done this before

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      I believe I just read another thread that was exactly about this.


      Yea it's definitely possible. I do it by involving as many senses in forming the dream as I can. I start with a picture of where I want to be. I will see the scenery, listen for sounds, and smell the air. Then I feel my dream body by flexing my hands or feet. As I get a more vivid feeling of my body I'll start to feel my surroundings with my hands and feet (e.g. Grasp the earth between my toes, run my hand across a wall). Usually at that point I'm mostly in the dream and I just have to improve the visual vividness of the world I created. I'm not very good at that part, but it tends to become more vivid as I continue to participate in the world. This is all a lot easier for me to do after I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I use it to jump back into a dream that I wanted to continue after I get up to use the bathroom, or I'll do it to complete a dream task. Sometimes I don't even have to do all of the visualization stuff and I can just jump into whatever dream I want, but I think that usually happens during a DEILD.

      I should also add that you have to be pretty close to being asleep to start hearing the sounds and smells of the dreams and there are a lot of methods for getting to that point on DV. My favorite ones were SSILD and feeling like I'm free falling.
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