I have had the same dream twice now with little change in it about my same girl friend. The first time I was in her house living room area and a bunch of her roommates came over, she left me with them to go to another floor. In the dream I went to look for her but ended up in her room on the 4th floor. It was a large house with wood floors and stairs. After sitting alone on her bed she called for me and I found her in a room on the 3rd floor with a bunch of babies in it. Then we went back downstairs and she left me inside the house alone. She just left the house, I don't know where she went.
The second dream was the same girl who's my friend. We were back in her large wood house but only downstairs in the living room area again. We were only there a short period of time, she only had one friend of hers who's a girl there whom I don't know very well in real life, there were no babies. There was hardly any conversation between all of us but AGAIN she left me alone in the house without any notice of where she was going.
I don't know what this dream means she's been a long time friend of mine and I used to have a crush on her for while when we were younger but not anymore, its been years although she is a beautiful woman. I cant seem to find anything on it and both of us are curious what this might mean and why she keeps leaving me in the house. Thanks for any input.