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    Thread: Visiting your childhood memories

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      Visiting your childhood memories

      I'm new at lucid dreaming but the main reason I want to begin is because I keep having non lucid dreams about my favorite place in the world, lake winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. I always dream that I'm in the house I stay at every year with my cousins but can't control anything because I'm not aware it's a dream. Sadly last summer was the last time I'll ever stay in the little cottage again.

      So my question is can I go back to that house and kind of explore a little? I want to walk around and explore the house and the walk outside near the lake and remember all the good times I had there. Is this possible?
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      Why wouldn't it be?

      If your lucid, then go ahead. Visit it. Visit the wiki, also, for telaportation tutorials.

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