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    Thread: Things I Bet No One Has Tried Yet

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      Things I Bet No One Has Tried Yet

      I'm trying to think of even more creative things to do in the dream world. Maybe one of you has tried these things out and can share some experiences with the rest of us. If you have any ideas or some creative things you've done, please share. I plan on trying them all out when I can.

      1) Shapeshifted into an object. Or maybe you transform into fog, or multiple birds.

      2) Invented a new instrument

      3) Tried speaking a language unknown to you

      4) 360 degree vision

      5) Predicted the future

      6) Visited an alternate dimension

      7) Saw how you would look if you were older

      8) Invented a sixth--or even seventh--sense

      Those are the best I can think of right now.

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      In OBE I experienced this:

      1. Fog- I was once, without trying
      4. Many times. You see, when I'm floating in void, I'm just point of consciousness... but I see whole surrounding at once.
      5. Sporadically... but it is stunning how it is sometimes exact. From astral to reality... sometimes also in this reality.
      6. A few times... At least I think. And once I saw through mosaic composed of 50% this dimension and 50% an alternate dimension, during my way from school maybe 17 years ago. I don't know whether it was hallucination... I felt strong pull to alternate reality, it sucked mi there and I was half mind to go there. But there were things that held mi here. It could be hallucination... even without hallucinogens, drugs...
      7. A few times... as alternative future... I Also saw myself as younger self in an alternative timeline, maybe.
      8. Sixth sense is what; empathy? telepathy? I experience that often in astral and dreams.

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      I did only the point 7. I saw myself older, reflected in the mirror. And, guess what, i like what i saw. I was in good shape, thin, attractive. I aged well.
      I hope i will be that way.

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      8) Invented a sixth--or even seventh--sense
      Humans have way more than 5 senses, at least more than 14 that we can easily document
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      Quote Originally Posted by zoth00 View Post
      You have to face lucid dreams as cooking:
      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
      MMR (Mental Map Recall)- A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams
      Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it.

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      I want to add onto the first one. I wasn't really lucid, I only had a semblance of awareness. I was falling into the ocean, and you know in cartoons where a character is transparent and you only see their outline? That's what was happening to me. I also noticed I didn't have to breathe. Once I was fully transparent, I saw my body from a 3rd Person Perspective, and my outline vanished. Then I was able to view different parts of the ocean. It was a little strange, and the closet thing to 1 I did.

      To clarify on the 8, maybe that wasn't as obvious as I thought. Psychic stuff, like seeing a person's soul or aura. Basically, a 100% new form of perception, as new as sight to the blind. That's what I mean.

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