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      The Holy Grail of Lucid Accomplishments

      I guess that title should spark some interest haha.

      Basically, I just wanted to start a thread to find out what everyone considers to be the ultimate potential of lucid dreams. Maybe a little thought experiment will help while pondering this:

      Imagine, if you will, that you can lucid dream on a whim. Any time you enter a dream, you become lucid. You have completely mastered the ability to control your dreams (shapeshifting, telekinesis, laser eyes, creating scenery... whatever you please). Your dreams are always perfectly vivid and you have amazing recall. What's more, you have been doing this for many years and have had a thousand different adventures. The dreamworld is yours.

      Now imagine you will do something you have never done before. it may take one dream, or several, or hundereds to complete. It may be extremely difficult, even for you, the stephen-hawking of dreams.

      What would it be? Do you think there are any limitations? If so, what?

      Personally, I think this question gets interesting (and rather philosophical) if you grant the ability to perform 'true' time dilation within your dream (5 mins in the real world perceived as a thousand years while lucid). This leads to questions about what it may be like to be omnipotent, whether it is desireable and the need for uncertainty in life. (although you could of course dream yourself a surprise scenario).

      Disallowing time dilation, I would love to create for myself a room which housed a big projector screen connected to some kind of calendar. whenever i chose a particular date on the calendar, the projector would replay my life on that date, before my eyes.

      What are your thoughts?
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      Giving proper sentience to DCs would be pretty cool, though probably impossible. If you have a split personality or something similar, confronting the other you might be interesting. Having a lengthy and consistent life within a lucid would certainly be impressive. Its quite hard to label accomplishments when you're borderline omnipotent.

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      That sounds dependent on the individual. But I think you answered your question where you could just ask your dream the question and it would provide an answer. But, like the real world, the dream is filled with infinite possibilities. I hope there isn't just one singular task that tops them all, because then everything would pale in comparison.

      I would say that it's one of two things. The first would be to create a fictional world as complex as possible, then spend a day living there. That would be a unique experience you couldn't find elsewhere.

      The second, is to radically change your personality. Like, an introvert into an extrovert. That's the best I can think of off the top of my head.

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