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      last night i dreamed i knocked someone out of the air, i think it was a real person

      the person was sleeping in the air on something, i knocked them out of the air and they got scared and flew away.....a familiar dream guide in my dream told me "be careful, you're gonna wake him up."

      at that point while flying straight up i knocked my head into something and me and the thing i hit started falling to the ground. as soon as we hit the ground the person flew away, it was very strange as at first i was somewhat scared and started preparing to fight when the person fled, i do not remember this ever happening before in any dreams, something becoming startled of my then fleeing.

      I believe it was a real person, and from this forum.

      can anyone relate to this dream from last night? if so i remember the color of the item that fell out of the sky and what it was. if anyone thinks this may be them i would love to hear from you.

      if anyone can relate please let me know.
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