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      Podcast that touches on Self-Awareness, studies on the body and "The Self"


      I was listening to the radio the other day and this interesting podcast came on. I thought there were several interesting points that relate to Lucid Dreaming and Self-Awareness in general. I thought it was interesting when the interviewee was talking about how some people speculate that the brain equates existence to the vividness of our experiences.

      "If I can't perceive anything, or feel the vividness of anything then I am not aware. (And therefore don't exist)"

      I'm not trying to get philosophical in saying that we all don't exist or anything. I'm just saying there's possibly a part of the brain that thinks it doesn't exist when we don't pay attention. It's unaware. So in this thread I'm kind of using existence and awareness interchangeably.

      Existence (or awareness) = The vividness of our experiences (I.e. the senses and emotions)

      When we stop paying attention to the vividness of our experiences, when we stop focusing on the rich colors and evocative tastes, then awareness goes away.

      Also I loved the distinction between the self and the body. It's more than just touching things around you and knowing where you are. It's about knowing that your hands are yours, knowing that each finger belongs to you, and how you control every movement of your body. I really don't know how to explain self awareness well :/

      Anyways, hopefully this was understandable lol Take a listen and would love to hear your thoughts on the podcast ^.^

      What Happens When Your Brain Says You Don't Exist : Shots - Health News : NPR

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      If you enjoy podcasts on philosophy, I would check out some of Alan Watt's stuff. Nice to listen to while you are about to start your day.
      I listen to stuff like this quite regularly ^>^
      Even though I have been dead to this community for a few months, I still lurk at every corner O>O
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