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      deild and false awakenings

      Well, i have now spend months reading and learning everything about SSILD and it is now my chosen technique, by far the 1 thing thats produced results for me. Although I have read 1000's of threads on this, I cant find a solution to the following :-/

      It regards false awakenings. Now many times during the night after SSILD I find myself lying there 'awake'. This normally happens several times after the wbtb / ssild. Before i tried ssild i would naturally 'awaken' several times in the early hours

      Now to send my LD count through the roof, i basically need to detect all these false awakenings. The given answer is always the same ... perform a nose plug and if successfully simply get up and begin the obe / lucid dream.

      Now i have done this many times and its worked but many times i have gone to nose plug whilst laying in bed and been awake for real.

      Now im concerned that on many occasions i may be in a false awakening and a nose plug makes me move my real body thus waking me up for real when i could have has a great lucid dream!

      This also concerns DEILDing. If I naturally awaken then its a chance to DEILD even if its from a non lucid dream (using Michael Radugas indirect technique) but if I nose plug then that stops the DEILD from happening

      What im asking is ... whats the most efficient way to catch a false awakening the next time im lying there in bed unsure if im awake or asleep. Is a nose plug the best way would cycling a few ssild cycles throw me into a phase instead or is there a sure fire method of detecting if im awake or asleep without movement?

      I guess if i 'wake up' and im actually dreaming then would ssild cycles (performed as im consciously dreaming) produce effects strong enough for me to KNOW that im dreaming?

      Or should I just nose plug and hope for the best?

      Any advice very welcome
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      Hey there,

      Like so many things with dreaming, what works best for someone else doesn't necessarily works best for you.

      Personally, my most efficient reality checks are reading numbers (a digital alarm clock is perfect for that). If I can read a number, look away, read it again, look away, read it again and its the same three times, I know I'm awake. I've never had a dream in which the number(s) managed to stay stable.

      But for you, it may be something different. I'd advice you to read some posts on this forum for dream signs and ideas.


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