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      How to make a dream sign of this?

      Every night I have a dream where I am in or near a large body of water (e.g. a lake or the ocean). I've had these dreams for a while but never managed to become lucid because of it. I'll give a few examples so you know what they are like.

      My most recent one was a dream where I was swimming in a prehistoric lake. There were these huge turtles that always carried big pieces of sliced watermelon and we were trying to take the watermelon from them. Later in the dream I put on goggles to see a plant we felt under water holding something down. It turns out it was nothing important.

      On my way back to my house I had to cross a small lake that was filled with crocodiles and snakes and other repiles. There was a raft out in the water that I needed and the wind eventually blew it towards me. I got a running start and was across the lake in seconds. A storm had begun and I was now swimming back to my house, so my whole house was surrounded by water. I casually swam to the door and walked in.

      In another I was trying to fish but my boat kept tipping. Eventually there was someone trying to kill another person by throwing them in the water, so I went and rescued them. I had to swim underwater around pillars and what looked like the outside of a building with the person until we eventually surfaced.

      How do you recommend I go about becoming lucid from them?

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      Do reality checks every time you see liquids. For instance, an aquarium, a toilet or sink, a glass of water, when it rains, crossing over bridges or being near lakes etc. I would say do RCs any time you're near a big body of water, but that's probably not very often. But by doing what I recommended you'll get used to always wondering if it's a dream every time you see liquids. And make sure you honestly question whether you're dreaming or not - don't just do it mechanically.

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      Okay, will add that to my day work. My only concern is that I usually don't see a lot of water, and if I do them every time I see water, I may end up doing them too often.
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