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    Thread: Share your Shapeshifting Experiences

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      Share your Shapeshifting Experiences

      The old "Lucid dream of being an animal?" is now closed so, I decided to make a new topic. People are welcome to share their Lucid shapeshifting stories! Please do it here. In this new thread, people can discuss shape-shifting animals, other people, plants or even objects. Share your experiences!
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      This is copied from my DJ.

      I go back to the pool area and am feeling just a little bored, if you can picture being bored in LD. Maybe I should try shape shifting. I take about 30 miunutes and do all sorts of successful shape shifting. I focus on really feeling as if I am the things, not just picturing. I acomplished this by stablizing in the forms. I became a moongoose and actually looked at my mongoose paws, stretched my long body, and ran along the ground , then up a tree. I decided to really challenge myself and became a snail. I tried to feel how my snail body had to undulate to move me forward and eventually got it. I became a large ant and had a lot of trouble with it. I had to try to feel 6 limbs instead of 4, and figure out how I should move them together to walk. I have never shifted into a woman that I can remember, so that seemed like a reasonable 3rd dream goal since things were going so well. It was a real challenge and very odd. I stablized looking at my hands but made them thin and female. Next I went through every body part changing it. I explored my new breasts, and found that very novel indeed. Now, for the biggest reality check! I removed the concept of my male genitals. You boys know that is hard to imagine! I slid my hand down there and everything was female. I did it! I was fully aware of my new female body and could look down and see a sexy female body. Strange though, it took so much focus to maintain this, that I found I moved like a drunken robot. I could not keep all the body parts as they were and do much more than stumble a few feet.
      I have never been in the form of a bird, so I set that as my 4th dream goal for the month. Not just to see myself as a bird, but to feel how a bird feels. It took alot of work. Finally, I had transformed my arms into backward projecting wings that moved as they should, and tranformed my legs into talons. I did a stabilization by loooking at these talons and moving them, gripping and bending at my bird knees. Then I tried to fly, but I did not just want to fly. I wanted to feel how it feels for a bird to fly. I got all confused trying to flap the wings, but kind of half ass, got the feel for it. When I looked around, the resolution had improved alot. I flew around a bit then decided to try diving from really high into the ocean. Very cool. I plunged down about 20 feet below the surface. Now, I tried to become a sea turtle. It took a bit and was weird trying to stablize with flippers and a wide flat body, but I eventually got it. I looked up from the depth and saw that the resolution had improved dramaticly. It was very cool seeing the sky through the surface of the water.
      I had a strange idea. How about being a flying turtle? I surfaced and tried it, but the concept must have been one step too weird. It just would not work. Well, enough shape shifting for now. I teleported back to the pool.
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      sivason, I'm a little surprised how you had less trouble becoming something vastly different like an ant than shifting into a female body. Male and female bodies aren't THAT different in my opinion. Regardless, that's lot of shape-shifting in a single dream.

      I have only very few shape-shifting experiences. This is mainly because I have a hard time keeping the dream stable in any other form than the one I become lucid in, this is true for perspectives. If I'm disembodied and become lucid, I have trouble keeping the dream stable when I shift into having a body. I can seem to stretch my arm and reach stuff without too much trouble though. I guess that counts as shape-shifting too.
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      I have been a dragon, griffon, unicorn, voltorb (pokemon), snake, bird, fox, and wolf.
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      I don't have so many exp with shapeshifting, maybe I'm going to make it a dream goal, but I'm definitely looking to shapeshift into a girl

      Once turned myself in something similar to racoon and serve as bait for the monster that chasing me and my friends, so they can escape.

      Very recent I turned myself in fifty meters TITAN and fight with other TITANs to protect the last city on Earth. We all were wearing a mecha armors, so it become something similar to Pacific Rim. The dream was vivid and detailed, it cannot be described with words, but the flying buildings and ultra realistic explosion were super awesome. Who was Michael Bay again?┐
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      Self-shrinking is my favorite trick to do in LDs, and I've had a moderate amount of time and success doing so. Besides that, I've changed into the likeness of characters from various media, such as those from Dragon Ball and Mega Man. As for transforming others, I have changed several objects into the likeness of my guide. Tangentially, I sometimes conjure an amorphous shadow beast, whom I've commanded to assume various shapes.

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      I haven’t had many lucid dreams but I have shapeshifted in one of them. I gave myself wings and that was cool.

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      In my first shape shifting experience, I shape shifted while non-lucid into a dog. I became lucid and walked around. It seemed so natural to walk around on all fours.

      Several times I have fully transformed into a dolphin, both in lucid and non-lucid dreams. In dreams where I have been able to do this in a body of water rather than in the air, I have enjoyed swimming fast and jumping. It feels neat only feeling the body of another animal.

      In my attempts to transform into a dolphin, I often only partially transform into one, getting only a beak or tail. Interestingly, a couple of nights ago, my lower body ended up shape shifting into a computer.

      I have also been a bee, an elephant, and a woman, but those experiences were not very vivid.

      I happened to randomly talk about transforming into animals during dreams with an English teacher at school and she said she has shape shifted into an eagle. We might have family and friends who have shape shifted into animals but not bothered to tell anybody about it.

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      Apart from the reptilian shapes I've taken (see my intro post) in some dreams when I was a kid, I mostly only ever took the shape of random people, not necessarily ones I've known, and characters from games. Most of these transformations were in non-lucid dreams. I wouldn't call a lot of these transformations exactly, as they were simply my dream self from the beginning of a dream till the end, in many cases.

      From the few lucid dreams I've had, I've only ever sort of transformed into a ghost, once. It was more like those 2 "ghost" guys from the 2nd Matrix film. That was interesting, initially I was only trying to see if I could go through walls in that manner and it sort of just developed as a "skill".

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