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      Lucid (?) False Awakening in a house where I had lived long ago

      This morning I had what I believe might count as a "Lucid False Awakening", but it was a bit unusual;
      instead of dreaming about waking up in my actual bedroom, like I usually do, this time I had a False Awakening in a house where I had lived more than 14 years ago, when I was 17 years old.
      My first thought when this dream started was that things had this weird surreal feel like my False Awakenings usually do - for example, I moved slower and part of my vision was blocked by darkness in random places - and I immediately was like "hey, now this happens again" and I immediately struggled to break free from my slow movement and weird vision, so that I could "explore the environment".
      Then I had another False Awakening in the exactly same place and assumed that I was awake for real at that point (although that was just a non-lucid False Awakening), and then shortly after that I did wake up for real in my physical bed.

      Have you ever experienced something like this before?
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      I haven't woken up in my house that I lived when I was around 8 but I often wake up and find that my bed/furniture is in the wrong spot. I've found that moving it around often helped me catch false awakenings.

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