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    Thread: Free Online Reality Check

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      Free Online Reality Check

      I've created a simple and portable online reality check - It's subtle and easy to use and will allow you to perform a reality check in any situation where you have access to your smartphone.

      Sometimes pinching your nose, counting your fingers, or attempting to fly is a little socially awkward, in this case you can just check your phone.

      Add it as a bookmark on your smartphone homepage for easy access...

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      I like how you describe things

      1- Reality checks are as much a state of mind
      as they are a test.
      There is no point performing a test
      if one's mind is not fully engaged in the process
      and open to the strong possibility that one is dreaming.

      2- Ideally one should perform
      multiple different tests during each reality check.
      This allows for a fail-safe*
      should one of the tests provide false results.
      Two reliable tests to combine are
      the*Nose Pinch Test*and the*Text Test.*

      3- Rather than enter a reality check
      with the assumption that one is awake,
      reverse this concept,
      assume that
      the very act of performing a reality check
      implies that one is most likely dreaming.
      The burden of proof should be*on
      proving that you are awake.
      This way, should a test give false results,
      you will assume that you are dreaming rather than awake.*

      4- Reality checks are not optional,
      without them
      you will miss potentially thousands
      of possible lucid dreams.*
      They are an act*that reflects
      the core philosophy of lucid dreaming.

      5- Reality checks are primarily used
      to induce Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILD)
      but can be used to
      build confidence,
      or confirm one's state
      during a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD).**

      That was from "This" page


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      What are Your Thoughts on This?

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      I like the concept, but unfortunately the animation is way too slow.
      Not something for me... I won't spend a minute doing a single reality check, I'm perfectly fine with the habit of so-called fast reality checks that I described in a previous post of mine. Even counting my fingers is faster, and I've had a 100% success rate with it. Also, after a conversation with Letaali I no longer find reality checks socially awkward and I can do them wherever I want.
      That's just my opinion though.

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