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    Thread: What happened last night?

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      What happened last night?

      Every night Iíve been going to bed with the intention to wake up after my dreams snd try a fild or deild. Last night I remember waking 4 times which seems so unrealistic to wake up 4 times Iím beginning to think Iím just having false awakenings. Anyways last night I remember doing a fild but i found when i was ďlucidĒ i was in another bedroom but apparently I didnít notice it. That makes me think I was just dreaming of doing a fild. Was I really lucid and what are the odds those were false awakenings

      (P.S.) Iíve been waking up briefly like 4 times a night ever since i set the intention to attempt deilds
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      It sounds to me like your intention is working...

      It might just be the case of your awareness not quite peaking high enough, or perhaps it has something to do with when it's happening. I mean, you could be dreaming that you are doing a fild; I've had dreams about lucid experiences, the dreams themselves clearly not being lucid (not vivid enough, sub-conscious plots very prevalent, etc).

      If you find yourself in those situations and you are aware enough, perhaps you could try a RC you're comfortable with but don't use as often, as an extra measure. It's the kind of situation that if I saw myself in, I would want to try and do something different in that moment, to see what happens. Difficult for me to guess any further than that without actually knowing you/your dream process.
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      Yep, i’d definitely say you were ACTUALLY awake and doing the technique. Especially since you said you’ve been doing it for a period of time. Don’t discredit yourself and be confident!

      Because well, if you are having false awakenings, that means your very close to being actually lucid! And it’s working towards your favor! That, or you had a lucid dream, but forgot, perhaps work on recall if you feel this is the case? False awakenings can be a product of lucid dreams. It’s quite common.

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