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    Thread: What is it like seeing or meeting a celeb in a dream?

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      What is it like seeing or meeting a celeb in a dream?

      What does it feel like? How realistic is it?

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      Well, I have had plenty of Celeb dreams...: https://www.dreamviews.com/general-d...ml#post2233113
      For me personally, they have been pretty realistic.
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      I have them quite a lot. I had one last week where I met an actress I used to love years ago, who'd I once really badly wanted to meet. In the dream she was in my hometown and I got to walk up and meet her. I wasn't lucid, and I remember thinking "so this was always going to be the first meeting I'd ever have with her!" I was super happy to have finally met her. When I woke up, I was instantly disappointed that it wasn't real. Of course looking back it didn't make any sense - my town didn't even look like my town. But the experience of seeing her, feeling excited, hugging her, it was all believable and felt genuine at the time.

      This morning I was lucid and met my favourite actress. I was really happy about it even though I knew it was a dream. It also felt really real.

      I think that for me it tends to feel really strong and real at the time, but after waking up I usually don't recall all the sensations and feelings in as much detail unfortunately, even when the dream was incredibly vivid.

      This might not really answer your question, lol, but it's my recent experience. <3
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