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    Thread: Creator of Explore Lucid Dreaming is silencing anyone exposing his past scams!

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      Creator of Explore Lucid Dreaming is silencing anyone exposing his past scams!

      I didn't expect this. A couple days ago, James from the YouTube channel Beyond Lucid Dreaming discovered that the creator of the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel has a shady past, including apparently scamming people out of thousands of dollars (apparently through content-locker systems promising fake hacking tools, in exchange for completing surveys and/or purchasing offers). This original video can be accessed here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3tde7UTyXoCu (since the original YouTube video was taken down)

      The Explore Lucid Dreaming channel then placed a false copyright claim against that video, and successfully had it taken down. A post was made on Reddit about it. Daniel Love then made a mirror of that video, uploaded it to Google drive, and posted about it on Reddit to substitute for the original. However, today both the post and the video were taken down as well. His account, which he's had for years, has now also been deleted.

      I collected a list of the links present in the video, and posted it on Reddit so others can still see the content (and in an easier format). My post was deleted about an hour ago. My account has now been suspended for 3 days, apparently for "posting personal information". However, if you look at the actual links posted, all of it is publicly accessible, and I specifically made sure to leave out the links to pages that do contain personal information, such as his address. I'm disappointed that the moderator did not even explain what links of mine were 'too personal'; if they'd done so, I would have gladly removed those in order to keep the overall message present.

      Because Reddit is no longer a safe place to store the evidence, I'm going to have to post it here on DreamViews, and hope people share it elsewhere.

      NOTE: Due to there being an edit time-limit on DreamViews, this post may become outdated. To access the latest version of this post (as well as its BBCode source, for easier copy-pasting), see here: https://pastebin.com/Pp7YPU9z

      The content below is put together as evidence that the creator of the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel has (and continues to) engage in various misconduct. It is not intended to incite harassment, destruction of his legitimate content, or the sharing of private information, such as his family members, home address, phone number, etc. Please do not engage in any of those activities.

      A large portion of the information we've found is not relevant to the case presented below, and is therefore not shared. More specifically, we've found over 20 other accounts and websites of his (yes, he's been quite busy), which are left out either to protect his private information, or because they're not relevant to the alleged misconduct. If you notice a website below that does not contribute at all toward our stated purpose, reply (or send a private-message) and I'll re-examine that entry.

      [top]Master List of Entities and Behaviors Connected to the Explore Lucid Dreaming Channel

      The below is an attempt to collect the information relating to the alleged link between the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel and various negative behaviors (some in the past, some ongoing). Most of this information was discovered recently by u/SpaceTimeBadass and shared in a video, but due to multiple takedowns of the video (as well as videos being harder to skim through), the information has been reorganized here in text-form for easier consumption. If you find further information, please let us know (me, Daniel Love, or u/SpaceTimeBadass).

      To prevent deletion of these resources in the future, I've saved each of them to the Internet Archive and provided links to their archived versions. The archived version of each link will look like this: save Note that some pages (eg. YouTube) do not display properly in the archived-version, in which case you may need to right-click and "View page source" to see the page text.

      There are eight "components" that I will attempt to show are all linked:

      1. Entity #1: The creator of the Explore Lucid Dreaming save channel
      2. Entity #2: A person who goes by the name "Braden Boyko" (20+ links left out to minimize privacy impact)
        ...YouTube channels: Braden Boyko #1 save (1 left out to minimize privacy impact)
        ...Twitter accounts: @boykobraden save, @itsbradenboyko save
      3. Entity #3: The creator of the Flowify "hack tool", and its related websites, tools, and channels
        ...Websites: flowifyhacks.com save , flowify.ca save , codebot.ca save , speedhacks.co save , botmycode.com save , nanahack.com save , fphack.com save
        ...YouTube channels: Flowify – Tutorials & More! save , Fire Phoenix save, [Gibberish Username] save
      4. Negative behavior A: Promises of hacking tools by which to cheat companies out of hundreds of dollars (ie. theft)
      5. Negative behavior B: Usage of content-locker websites to restrict access to the tools in #4, making thousands of dollars off people's wasted survey hours and possibly purchases, if they completed purchase-based offers (+ bragging about this on a "You just got scammed!" page)
      6. Negative behavior C: Using bots to artificially inflate YouTube views/subs, Reddit upvotes, etc.
      7. Negative behavior D: Using false copyright and "doxxing" claims to take down videos and posts exposing his behavior.
      8. Negative behavior E: Using reports (probably bot-driven) to lead to the deletion of a years-old account of someone trying to share this info, and suspension of the accounts of others (including myself!).

      [top]1) Evidence that entity #1 (Explore Lucid Dreaming) and #2 (Braden Boyko) are the same

      A: A video comparison between a Lucid Dreaming POV description save video on Explore Lucid Dreaming, with a very similar video description save on Braden Boyko's #1 channel. Notice that the blue-arm 3d model appears to be identical between the two videos.

      B: u/SpaceTimeBadass received a private message from the Twitter account @itsbradenboyko save, with the text, "[...] you have inspired me to create a lucid dreaming channel of my own and I was wondering if you wanted to collab or something [...]". It was sent on May 1, 2019. The Explore Lucid Dreaming channel's first video was posted a few months earlier, on January 5th, 2019. You can see a screenshot of this in the original video, at time 4:20, located here.

      C: The Explore Lucid Dreaming save channel was created on September 30, 2017. This was two months after the registration save of the boykotech.com save domain (containing "Braden Boyko"; now offline), and one day after the registration save of winrush.ca save (containing "Braden Boyko").

      D: The Explore Lucid Dreaming save channel's origin is in Canada, which matches the origin of the Braden Boyko #1 save channel (+the 2nd left out channel), as well as where the winrush.ca save domain (containing "Braden Boyko") was registered save.

      [top]2) Evidence that entity #2 (Braden Boyko) and #3 (Flowify etc. hack tools) are the same

      A: Some of the sites in the entity #3 list specifically state the creator's name to be "Braden". See fphack.com and nanahack.com (Show Tips -> Learn More).

      B: The website icon (shown in tab) for flowifyhacks.com save , is identical to the profile image of a user named "Braden Boyko" in a Freedom MCN forum post save . (profile page here save )

      C: The channel profile image for Flowify - Tutorials & More , has the exact same "F" symbol as the profile image of the "Braden Boyko" in the forum post above save .

      D: flowifyhacks.com and bradenboyko.com are hosted on the same IP address: https://viewdns.info/reverseip/?host...nboyko.com&t=1

      E: All of these domains were registered within a 1.3 month period: flowify.ca (2017-04-08), bradenboyko.com (2017-04-13), codebot.ca (2017-04-30), flowifyhacks.com (2017-05-15)

      F: All of these channels/domains originated in Canada: the Braden Boyko #1 save channel, the Braden Boyko #2 channel (left out for privacy reasons), winrush.ca save (containing "Braden Boyko"), flowify.ca save, codebot.ca save.

      [top]3) Evidence that entity #1 (Explore Lucid Dreaming) and #3 (Flowify etc. hack tools) [directly] are the same

      The two sections above already link entity #1 (Explore Lucid Dreaming) and entity #3 (the Flowify hack tools) by means of the "middleman" entity #2 (Braden Boyko). However, there is also evidence linking the two directly, as shown below.

      A: A voice comparison between the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel and the Flowify channel. There used to be many examples available, since both channels had dozens of videos, however most of the Flowify channel's videos are now offline. One of the remaining examples, however:

      B: The Explore Lucid Dreaming save channel's origin is in Canada, which matches the origin of the following domains: flowify.ca save, codebot.ca save

      [top]4) Evidence linking #4 (promising hacking/theft tools) with...

      Entity 3: The flowifyhacks.com website itself states, in multiple places, that the purpose of the tool it provides is to trick company servers into giving you unearned points, which you can then redeem for cash (ie. stealing from those companies). Here are some examples:
      Example 1: Home page: "Are you looking for a fast and easy way to get unlimited nanas? Our website offers the best tools available for anyone looking to make an extra dollar."
      Example 2: Home page: "Do you want points to redeem free gift cards, but don't want to spend all that time earning them? Just try out our brand-new FeaturePoints hack tools to get instant points!"
      Example 3+: Basically any page on the site. Just look around on flowifyhacks.com, codebot.ca, speedhacks.co, etc. if you need more confirmation!

      [top]5) Evidence linking #5 (scamming people, earning thousands of dollars) with...

      Entity 2: There is a Twitter account @boykobraden save with the name "Braden Boyko", a banner saying "You have just been Scammed", and a tweet save saying "You know what I like swimming in? 15,000 canadian dollars. Thanks for getting scammed guys." Another tweet save: "I sca[mm]ed you all"

      Entity 2 and 3: Seven months ago, a commenter on YouTube laid out the process Braden was using to make money off the viewers, in this comment : " Here's what he exactly does: He uses a site called OGAds to where he will be paid if we fall for the fake hacks he does. He uses something called a content locker which allows him to lock his fake hacks with offers and surveys. He used the money he started off with other fake hacks to buy the following: Good recording software, a website domain, a website builder and a brand new iPad and he buys all of this stuff and puts it on flowifyhacks.com or whatever. He also buys views, likes and subs to keep people thinking he is actually a legit hacker when really he is just a 15 year old kid. He probably uses ytmonster or some site where you can buy views likes and subs. He also buys comments so people actually think he's legit. He also replies with some "gift cards" but they are either redeemed already or invalid. He has made so much money off you guys, stop falling for his hacks. They are a bunch of bullshit! #boycottbraydenboyko #scammer #notlegit" Another commenter on that page also attests to the $10k+ income made.

      Entity 3: A Youtube video showing the process of someone trying to get free giftcards on codebot.ca, but finding "no keys remaining", with instructions to click the button to complete surveys/offers. You can check the page out yourself here. Pressing "claim your key now" will bring you to the page saying "no keys remaining", and pressing "manually get a key" will bring you to a page linking out to scam sites, that attempt to get you to fill out surveys and complete offers to "get your reward". Some of these "offers" involve actual purchases and money transfers, one containing the text "Credit card deposit of $99 is req." (screenshot here)

      Entity 3: Additional videos on the Flowify Exposer YouTube channel. Some of the videos show additional information present in on-video comments by others who have been scammed by the Flowify website.

      Entity 3: All three of the accounts linked to from flowify.ca are now removed or suspended (the last due to "multiple or severe violations"):

      [top]6) Evidence linking #6 (bots to artificially inflate views, subs, etc.) with...

      Entity 1: Comparing subscriber-growth between the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel and some of its largest competitors, shows a rapid and unnatural spike about three months in, surpassing channels with hundreds of videos and years of buildup: https://socialblade.com/youtube/comp...UAcBR1rgKj4E0A

      Entity 1: For the number of subscribers the Explore Lucid Dreaming channel supposedly has (>200k), the number of patrons on Patreon is suspiciously low (12): https://www.patreon.com/exploreluciddreaming

      Entity 1: Apparently the Explore Lucid Dreaming account on Reddit was suspected of being a repeat offender by the mods of the IAmA subreddit. I don't have the source messages for this, but it's mentioned in this post: "We stormed it and let people know what ELD was up to, even contacting the mods there who were suspicious of the post being by a repeat offender."

      Entity 1 (presumed): The Ask Me Anything thread by Explore Lucid Dreaming apparently had a suspiciously high number of upvotes. I haven't looked into this myself, but it's mentioned in this post: "It also looked suspiciously like it had been botted for upvotes, as would seem to be his style, on this sub, as some of us suspect he caused any criticisms of his work to get massive downvotes, which seems pretty clear from searching for his name in this sub alone."

      [top]7) Evidence linking #7 (false copyright and doxxing claims to take down videos/posts) with...

      Entity 1: The Explore Lucid Dreaming channel made a false copyright claim against the original video exposing the misbehavior. The copyright claim was illegitimate because the clips shown in the video were in small segments that don't at all substitute for the actual videos, ie. they were instances of fair use that were necessary to provide the evidence linking the accounts. The fact that the copyright claim was made so quickly testifies to that the video contents felt threatening to the channel, supporting their veracity. (but no need to rely on that; just view the evidence yourself above!) You can view the original video here.

      Entity 1 (presumed): The original Reddit thread linking the exposer video was originally taken down because of claims that it involved "doxxing". This decision was eventually reverted by moderators; hopefully this was due to the moderators realizing that the video, in fact, was not "doxxing" since it was only showing publicly accessible information, and the creator even took steps to block out personal information using red bars as covers. The point was never to reveal his address or the like, just to show that he's engaged in negative behavior and is therefore a concern.

      [top]8) Evidence linking #8 (using reports, probably bot-driven, to delete years-old account of a user) with...

      Entity 1 (presumed): Daniel Love, the creator of this thread, found that his post became deleted, in his attempt to share this information with the lucid dreaming community. It's much more severe than that, however; his entire account was deleted! I have personally interacted with Daniel Love, both here and on other sites (ie. Reddit, DreamViews, Youtube), so I know his account is legitimate. The fact that someone would do this, potentially permanently deleting years of content by him there, is perhaps the most severe (single target) action Braden has taken so far.

      Entity 1 (presumed): Besides Daniel Love (whose account has been deleted), other accounts on Reddit have been suspended for sharing this information -- namely myself!

      I'm not sure if it shows a message for the suspension, but here is my profile page: https://www.reddit.com/user/Venryx
      Here is a screenshot of what I see for that page: https://i.imgur.com/xbXNRZh.png
      And here was my comment containing the content of this overall thread, which was deleted: https://www.reddit.com/r/LucidDreami...update/eytct6n


      At this point, his actions are beyond just "muddying the waters" of lucid dreaming education; he's silencing anyone who tries to expose his previous actions and raise the warning. It is not okay to offer tools to cheat companies out of actual money. It is not okay to scam people out of hours of their life, and possibly money of their own attempting to "complete offers". It is not okay to silence people attempting to expose those threats. And finally, it is not okay to cause the deletion of an account that someone has spent years building up, out of genuine devotion to a subject.

      I really hope there is a way to resolve this situation, without everyone's accounts getting banned whenever they attempt to talk about it on Reddit. I understand that Reddit is trying to protect the personal information of its users, but if that's the case, they need to look carefully at the content being posted and specify exactly which links are against their rules. We can then remove those portions, while maintaining the ability to raise the alarm about this person. As it stands, we can barely do anything on Reddit for fear of having further account hits. (Right now my account is suspended. Will the next step be deletion, without a chance to even know which links were in violation?)

      I suppose the next step is to somehow get in contact with a "higher up" at Reddit asking for a more thorough review of the situation, specifically for a clear way for us to know which links are acceptable. This will take time, but I hope they'll be able to recognize the unusual situation we're in: accused of doxxing for attempting to expose someone's manipulative, probably illegal, behavior.
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      Thanks Venryx! I appreciate you following through and doing all this to help us keep the pressure on this fraud! Absolutely disgraceful behavior.
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