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    Thread: Found my dream guide!

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      Found my dream guide!

      Over a period of time i have had problems with ld frequency, quality, and confidence. I have tried may times to find my dream guide with no luck. Well I was thinking a few days ago since I have no problem calling people on my dream cell phone I would give this a try. This morning I had a solid ld, flew out of my house, grounded, and stabilized. I remembered to call my DG so I used my pinky/thumb cell and reached the DG! At first I was at a loss for words, but then I asked if I could be taken to my high school girlfriend. DG first said no but I assured him I just wanted to see her, so he agreed and hung up. I started flying and was sucked into a high altitude warp speed flight. Landed inside a building and opened a door , there she was, but at my current age. I wanted to see her when we were younger as I have had non ld's with us being in highschool. This is a paradigm shift for me , cant wait to make some other requests. Its like having a genie
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      I like the cell phone idea to call your Dream guide. I guess it is the act of calling someone in the dream is what it makes it work. Like the act of rubbing a lamp. BTW, wasn't there a movie about a genie in the cellphone?
      Perhaps, you need to do a time travel type lucid. I mean it's funny you mention seeing people from the past, I've actually been doing that lately.

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