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    Thread: Do you guys have "hiatus months"?

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      Do you guys have "hiatus months"?

      anyone notice that in certain months your dream quality seems to go down, or have less lucid dreams? I'm not 100% sure myself but there seems to be a pattern in my personal life:

      2016: none in May (no LD either), July, August, December

      2017: none in April, May, June, July, September (To be fair, I had a bad breakup near beginning of April and the depression kinda lasted all the way three to four months)

      2018: none in March, May, October, November, December

      2019: none in June, July, October, November, December (This is actually explainable because I returned from military boot camp to home in October)

      Though this might only be a coincidence since in 2015 June I had six 5/5 dreams, October I had seven 4/5 dreams and in December I recorded 43 dreams. in 2018 I had 32 LD's from end of June to August, which negates the "summer time sadness" idea that I had got from 2017 and 2019's coinciding. Perhaps I'll get better ideas this year...

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      My amount of lucid dreams, and recall in general, generally correlates with the amount of work I'm putting into my dreaming practices. Once I get things on a roll, I'm usually good until some distraction comes up and I lose concentration and focus on my dreams. Then things start going down hill pretty quickly.

      Yeah, relationships will do it... I can imagine being in the military wouldn't make things easy dreaming wise either.
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      Besides being distracted with non-dream related stuff (aka life) and missing out on practice, I usually find my recall and lding goes down during very warm months. I would fall into much deeper sleep which makes it difficult to ld.
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      To be honest, I can't go lucid when it is warm or humid nights either.
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      Not really. It's not so much the heat that's messing me up. It's reading "The Shining" all day and then having to sleep with the light on.
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