Welcome to this guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide!

Are you a beginner? Then this guided meditation is for you. This video contains 40 minutes of voiceover guidance to aid you with pure relaxation and visualisation.
Inspired by Jenniffer's experiences during her lucid dreams she has made a guided meditation that will suit all people who want to meet their spirit guide. We truly hope this will serve as a good relaxation session for you where you will potentially meet your spirit guide. Background music is embedded with 4.5Hz Theta brainwaves which will bring your state of mind into deep relaxation and focus.

I recommend using headphones/earplugs for the best experience, since the meditation is embedded with 4.5Hz theta binaural beats.

Narration and voice of this meditation: Jenniffer ClarOscura
Background music: Fredrik Stangeland

Have a pleasant session and I hope you'll enjoy this meditation.

LINK: https://youtu.be/m0VH7Q7RfnU