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      Landlocked - A Lucid Dream Series

      This is a thread for my publicly shared persistent realm (PR) of lucid dreams I have, about underwater experiences.

      Basic premise? You can’t leave the water. Name states that you are landlocked to water. You live, breathe, eat, and die there.

      Of course, this isn’t just gonna be regular IRL waters. There’s civilization, language, the unknown, economy, backstories, fears, desires, and so much more.
      I will be making and implanting some OCs in this PR too.

      How am I going to get ALL of this information? With a single individual, it could take years to develop something like this. Let alone, I’m gonna have to create a goddamn language!
      The answer – I’m not doing this alone. I’ll need your help in making this lorebook a reality. If you have any ideas, send them pronto, no matter how cringy or stupid they are.

      This lorebook is a cross-website idea. Updates also occur at:
      - http://sticknodes.com/groups/landloc...ctivity-stream

      UPDATE: Jul 28, 5:10 PM EST -

      I will be using SCAN (info-dumps from the dream) to create meticulous details for the lore. Much of the lore is still going to be hand-crafted, for fun. I also want to do some searching for marine biology perhaps, to make the species and races as scientifically realistic as I can.
      To be clear, this PR is not gonna be based off of any video game, TV, or book series.

      As always, suggestions are needed, so feel free to post some.

      UPDATE: Jul 28, 11:42 PM EST -
      Example for how things look in the environment.
      Sort of like this image, except much more spacious. Colorful coral stuff, dangerous shit feeding on the unsuspecting, and much more to come in future plans.

      Ignore the UI by the way. And the glowing sillouhete in the middle. This photo was taken from a game (Ori and the Will of the Wisps).
      Stuff and things, saving for later..jpg
      (excuse the low resolution, click on the picture to view the thing in bigger resolution.)
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      Exclamation Landlocked - Dream language + lore updates!

      A week or so ago, I created a thread about a new lucid dream PR (persistent realm).
      I’ve since then gathered much more information on this PR and still going. This thread discusses the progress I’ve made.

      For those who haven’t seen the last thread, here’s context.
      Landlocked is a persistent realm (PR) in which I am fully landlocked to a water planet, and cannot surface from the water.
      There is society there, with their own take on economics and language included.
      Architecture of buildings do not include electricity (electricity as of the moment is unheard of there).
      There is an item-based economy, that item being undecided.
      The language spoken there has no name, but it has the same sort of general rules as English (it would say “a red car” like English instead of “a car red” like some other languages ex. French).
      Let’s narrow down to my personal life there.
      I have a persona that is as old as my irl self. I live “alone”. My house is pretty tiny, with a living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom.
      My name there is undecided at the moment.
      I have pet squid too.

      Alright, time for the updates.

      My “place” in the waters of Landlocked.

      I exist there as what is known as an ‘Aquacre Human.’ Which, in short, is a human with some fish features, such as – gills, fins (some have fins that spike when touched for defense), etc. Like fish, they also have adapted eyes for underwater usage, and require less oxygen meaning they can breathe underwater. Additionally, there’s one feature that allows them to speak underwater (adjusted vocal cords for underwater usage).

      Although they seem very powerful, they are probably near the lower part of the food chain. There’s much more physically capable species out there. But mental capability? It’s Aquacre Humans’ coup de grβce.

      Enough about Aquacre Humans as a whole. Let’s narrow down further to me specifically.
      I live a life of hunting, specifically the hunting of the gargantuan creatures, which will be SCANned for details soon.
      I have a house which is quite tiny. One guest room and one bedroom. I have a pet squid, which also is gonna get SCANned for details soon.

      Depiction of an aquacre human:

      As you can see, they have fins, gills, aswell as arms designed to push more water behind them. They require less oxygen than actual humans, therefore they can breathe just fine underwater. The downside is that they get poisoned by air. The eyes are beady like the ones you see on fish. Underneath, they have vocal cords designed to be used underwater.

      Most aquacre humans prefer squids as a pet:

      Ok, now for the fun part.


      Yup, that’s right, this is a thing.
      I have a miniscule vocabulary for dream language (halus spukage).
      Same rules as English apply.
      For example, it would still say “a red car” like English, instead of “a car red” like some other languages. Sentence formation is the exact same.
      The words I got from the SCAN have a crap ton of cognates so get ready.

      Well now ima translate some words from English to dream language.

      Dream – Halus
      Language – Spukage
      Is – Es
      A – A
      Persistent – Samu
      Realm – Versa
      Day – Cyclu
      Trade/Buy – Trad
      Male/He/Man – Mal
      Teach – Edu
      Fish – Aquacre
      To – Forw
      Life – Vita
      Time – Cos
      Eat – Consu
      Full/complete – Comple
      Cannot/Can’t/Won’t/Will Not – Nega [please, nobody point it out]
      And – Ade
      Water/liquid – Hydre
      Stuck – Chaid
      Yes/correct – Affir
      No/incorrect – Nega
      In – Su
      Plant – vitacre
      Of – a
      Coral – vitacre a chroe
      Weapon – demena
      Up/top – asce
      Down/bottom- desce
      Left – sinice
      Right – ethce
      Forward – exce
      Backward – ince
      Human – sapuine
      Squid – opoda
      The – a
      Dive – axu
      Then – conte

      All of these can make combinations for words, such as:
      Daytime – Cyclucon
      Lifetime – Vitacon
      Today – Forw-cyclu
      Top-left – asce-sinice
      Top-right – asce-ethce
      Bottom-left – desce-sinice
      Bottom-right – desce-ethce
      Into – suforwe

      Example sentences:

      -A aquacre-sapuine axu desce suforwe aquacresse forwe consu mal opada.
      (An aquacre-human dives into fishes to feed his pet squid.)

      -Forw-cyclu, a mal consu aquacre, ade mal trad aquacre.
      (Today, a man eats fish, and trades fish.)


      That’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll update with some more stuff in another week

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      Merged threads. Please stick to one thread on this subject. Update on your progress there.

      Do you mean like a utopia?

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