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      Last night's dream

      Last night's attempt @ lucid dreaming failed horribly... here's the dreams i remember.... I'm at school, walking around, looking at everything, but the school's empty, i realized it was a dream.. then everything went black.. next dream.. it was like i was in the tv show "That 70's show" and i saw Red barf all over Eric, i didn't realize it was a dream.. lol.. but anywho, i failed at controlling anything... any tips??
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      You should keep a dream-journal and do reality-checks every now and then (with thought of course, question your reality). You don't really have much control over the dream when non-lucid, so first of you have to realize it's a dream. As you did, you probably either got too excited or the realization itself was enough to make the dream collapse, try to stay calm and do a stabilization before moving on. And remember to do them every now and then, lets say between 45seconds. Example, rub your hands together and concentrate to the friction. Good luck next time


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