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      Well I have had a good many lucid dreams but i started to notice that when i drank alot of milk or ate bananas the day before i would have a much better chance of having a lucid dream with further investigation i found that milk had high levels of a protein alpha-lactalbumin rich in tryptophan which in turn helps you body produce melatonin wich aids in sleep and some people say that the third eye spoken about in meditations in the center of the brain is your melatonin producer but this is just speculation and i have also found that bananas have melatonin in it also but im not sure if that has anything to do with it but i would like to hear from people that know of any other substances or foods that aid in sleep or lucid draming i will be very thankful to anyone who can tell me more about this type of thing. thank you

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      There are many other posts that talk about the benefits of melatonin, B-6, as well as bananas and milk for improving dream recall, vivdness, and lucid dreams in general.

      The search function is your friend.

      Hope that helps... let me know if you have more questions...

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