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      First Lucid Dream F*** Yeaaaa

      ok well i had trouble sleeping late that night, like 3 in the morn, i took a pill as a sleep aid, cause i felt like it. then i woke up at 10 or 11 ate a meal, then i fell asleep again. this is the one, that i would LD. well it started like this, i was on a porch in some backyard, and i asked myself "am i dreaming?" then i was blown away! there was this weird feeling. and then i was like in denial. the dream seemed soo real, i thought that was real life! i couldnt belive i was dreaming! but i snapped into it, now everything looked less real than before. then i ended up in my room (still dreaming) i take pictures of my room and it was weird, my room though the camera was like orange a nd blue, and like different colors while the dream itself looked bluish black grey. i took some pics, looked at my hands and they were fucked up! my hands looked like a black hole was there they were madddd warped. then i listened to some music that i couldnt remember. i couldnt control it at all, i mean on a really small scale! then i just woke up.

      i have read http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...ad.php?t=38954
      which by the way has a looot of info,

      but i have 2 questions,

      1) how do i make it longer?

      2) how do you control it, cause i had soo much trouble controlling it.

      EDIT: CRAP! i jus realized that was a false awakening!
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      Your LD length depends on numerous things, although the more control you have over the dream the longer it will last which will lead into your second question. Which can be answered here. http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...ad.php?t=38954


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