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      Had my first vivid/lengthy lucid dream last night..

      Howdy. I've been on-and-off with lucid dreaming for quite a while. It's been in the back of my mind, I've always thought of it as something amazing. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to have several per night. Heh.

      In any case, I've got a few questions.

      1) In my dream last night, I was lucid, and I was spending some time with a girl. (No, you perverts. ) Anyway, for some reason I was also beside some big military college.. I pondered going and stealing a tank or something, but, and here's the question, decided

      "No, I might get shot/die, which would probably wake me up (not knowing, seeing as it was my first real lucid dream), and I don't want to wake up."

      How lucid a state is that? I think it would probably be a high lucidity, not wanting to wake up.. But again, I'm not sure.

      I've always had really good dream-recall, and right now I can recall usually 1-2 dreams per night.. I've never written anything down in my entire life. Heh. Usually I find that when I wake up, I'll be like 'Wow, that was a cool dream.' and run over it in my head. Running over it once in my head usually helps me remember it for a few weeks. I still remember one dream from a few years back. Heh.

      Since I have the dream recall, I want to seriously get into lucid dreaming now. I've read techniques, etc. and such. I was wondering if setting an alarm clock to ring relatively quietly would cue me during a dream? I know the sound of the alarm clock like no other, so I'm guessing it would probably cue me in. Heh.

      Anyway.. Thanks, I'll be around here a lot more often from now on.


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      I'd say that was moderate lucidity. The problem is rarely realizing it's a dream, it's having a "useful" lucidity... Just because you know it's a dream doesn't mean you fully understand the implications of that fact... If you were a little more lucid in your dream you'd realize none of the soldiers' bullets really meant anything and that you could decide whether or not to wake up if you got "shot"... If you were a little more lucid than that you could've just summoned your own tank or just have changed the dream to something else entirely...


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