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      Smile Amazing!

      I had an amazing dream this morning. It started out normal; I was in my first period class doing a computer assignment, when the teacher made us all move seats, mainly because I talked too much or something like that. So, I was moved to a seat in the back of the room with this "kid" that looked like Kerry King. (guitarist from Slayer)

      He pulled a chainsaw out of his backpack and we were grabbing it from each other, swinging it around, pretending we were going to kill each other. We ended up laughing and shaking hands, and thats when the bell rang. I ran across the school to my 2nd period class, and thats when I forgot that it was on the other side of the school. I forget that I was in high school, and I forgot who my next teacher was. Things were getting weirder and weirder by the second.

      So, I ran to the class across the school as fast as I could once I remembered what I was actually doing. That's when I woke up from the dream.

      Now, for the good part

      As I woke up, I closed my eyes and thought about me running to the class, in other words, I thought about me continuing the dream. That's when the visuals I created in my head got extremely, extremely, realistic. That was when I felt my physical body numbing, and as this was happening, the dream was getting more and more realistic.

      I saw my school, and I knew I was running. But, I couldn't feel my dream body; I still felt myself lying down in bed. But, I could clearly see the school! I was so close to a dream. That was when I thought about taking it to the next level. I focused and concentrated about going fully into the dream. My body was going through SP, and soon enough, I felt this transition to where I suddenly felt my dream body. I felt my body running; the wind in my hair and my arms swinging back and forth along with my legs running. I did it! I was fully in a dream!

      This was the most vivid, exciting, and realistic dream I have ever had! Sadly, I woke up from it because I forgot to rub my hands together, so the image faded and I began to feel my body lying in bed =\

      The end

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      Congrats on the Amazing dream

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      Congratulations!! Those are some of my fav experiences to hear about. Good work!

      Actually the only times I find myself going lucid recently is when I have a ND that I like and I want to return to the same setting.

      Keep it up!
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      Ha, ha..nice dream man. Sounds like an amazing experience.

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      That sounds like a very vivid lucid experience! Good job keeping calm as you DEILDed!

      Here's an example of being non-lucid in real life:
      Sadly, I woke up from it because I forgot to rub my hands together
      Cause and effect simply don't match up. You don't have to rub your hands to stay in a dream. Stereotypes such as this (and the one that says you cannot read in a dream) are dangerous, as they can hinder the outcomes of future lucid experiences. You should remain in the dream first and foremost because you want to stay in the dream. I'm not trying to pick on you--it's just that you sounded very limited at the end!

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