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      ~ Here’s an idea for Lucid Dreaming? ~

      ~ Here’s an idea for Lucid Dreaming? ~

      You imagine this beautiful landscape, rich terrain. You summon a golden body and wings of a dove, enlarged. you hover in the air with your golden powerful sword. You overlook your beautiful terrain getting prepared for the most beautiful creation. You’re a God at this point, ready to create life. You create three races, the Azulans, Whaass, and Caramels. All these races are humanoid with more enhancing features such as a more catching pupil, glossier teeth, and psyche.


      They are Light blue or “Baby” blue skinned humanoids. They have glossy white hair very clean and long. They have an anime like appearance and can hover in the air, which is the woman of this race; the men are bald skulled, very masculine in appearance, and have a very charming psyche. The woman population outnumbers the men. They represent and are best at the controlling over the water element; you’ve chosen one of the women of this race as your Queen. This race has been placed near the ocean specifically for their planned destiny with the water element. They will be the masters of this niche, the providers and guardians of the water element, but not so less in other parts of this great society. This is your first creation of a living form.


      The Whaass are very pale Caucasians. The women have long beautiful golden-like hair. The men have golden hair reaching their shoulders before the growth slows down. They are less masculine apparent than the Azulan men. This race is very advance also, no race exceeds the other in intelligence, but they all have different goals and traits. The Whaass were to learn the arts of the winds. They were originally placed into the forests. They have the upper hand in this niche because they were made for this.


      The Caramels are light caramel (as the race’s name hints) and very darkly black. Their hair color can be gold, white, or blue. The men are more gigantic than the other races, the women has more warrior attributes than the other women of the other races. The race was made to exceed in the niche of fire. They were originally placed by the mountains, caves, and deserts.

      The Story shall continue…

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      great idea... the whole DV community could write a fantasy book XD
      *waiting for more*


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