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      Your dream guide

      For anyone who has met their dream guide or subconscious, what do they look like, act like, etc? One night I was having an OBE and all of a sudden I heard a voice say "Shut the fuck up, and I'll help you out" (it sounded like the stereotypical black gangster, hopefully that didn't sound racist). I'm assuming this voice was my dream guide because it went on to tell me what I needed to do to get my OBE and it worked

      So what is your dream guide like?
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      Wow, your dream guide/subconscious sounds mean, >.<.
      Then again my subconscious is kinda mean.. Just a couple of minutes ago my old neighbor left his back door wide open[its the middle of the night], and my other neighbor was yelling for him to check if he's ago. Now he's really old and my first reaction is "Did [I'll call him F] F die?" and my subconscious goes "It's about time". I told him he was mean and he said "So?". =| My subconscious usually converses with emotions & the other good shit, but whenever he does talk its something crazy, sexually related, or something random/funny as hell.


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