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      My reoccuring dreams

      New to the forum, just had a little experience to share.

      I've had recurring dreams on and off for a while. I don't want to get into too much detail because its personal. Basically, I wake up and enter the dining room to find my family eating breakfast. But my family is a blur, not important, insignificant if that makes any sense. It's as if they are there, but I don't care that they are there, or they don't add any relevancy to the situation other than seemingly BEING there... if that makes any sense. To make things a lot weirder, everyone, including myself, is wearing large cowboy hats (strange considering we're city folk...and Asian) and smoking cigarettes at the table. This may seem silly, but the smoking part is what intrigues me, but I'll get to that later.

      Here is where it gets a little odd, the only member of my family that exhibits relevancy is my father... who has been dead for a few years. Now, in the dream, I never remember that he is dead. The reason why the fact that we're all smoking is strange to me because he died from lung cancer as a result of smoking his entire life. It's weird, like almost as if I know he's dead, but I don't want to know it.

      Anyway, a few times, these reoccurring dreams became lucent for me because I recognize that I've seen this all before. I've talked to him, but every time I become lucent, my father just becomes another blur, like the rest of my family. I wake up shortly after I realize I'm dreaming.

      Anyway, this is the only lucent dream I've had where I remember what happens. I need to work at it a bit.

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      That's actually a very interesting dream. It seems very centric to your father, his "self destruction" (from smoking). The hats are another deal. Of course I don't know for sure, but perhaps they identify you as a "group", as a family. If everyone's faces are blurred, then some other identifier is needed? I don't know. You try to talk to your father, and then his face blurs. You try to speak to someone who is "gone", only to realize they are indeed "unreachable". It appears there is some unfinished grieving or other internal work to be done. But I'm just calling it as I see it, not trying to tell you what to see. It just intrigued me and I wanted to take a stab at working through it. So pay no mind to me unless you want to.
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