So this morning i quickly woke up and drifted back to sleep after have been sitting up for only about 5 seconds, then i felt my body go numb and then suddenlly blacked out and was climbing up a grassy hill and then realized that i probablly should do a RC, used the hand RC and it worked so i decided to try to keep in contact with the dream so i started crawling up the hill and it kind of was like crawling up an escalator the ground was (itself)moving down as i moved up but i could actually feel the grass blades rubbing against me it felt so real and then a baby appeared and started to cry and i told myself id close my eyes and it would go away and so i did and kept thinking to myself " BE QUITE " " BE QUITE " but then i just thought, it will be quite and i felt somebody put their hands over my ears and then the baby disappeared but then as i was about to try summoning somebody my RL phone rang -_- just thought id share/reminensce for my benefit lol but im not entirlly sure if i actually ever woke up or not, i think i may have been in a dream and was going to goto sleep and decided to try to LD and thats how it happened so yeah but either way it got me into one