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      Will you do me this favor?

      I am a senior in the Advanced Research Program at Christ the King Regional High School. My topic of study is how stress affects an individual's ability to lucid dream. I will be using your answers to either support or disprove my hypothesis. I will attach two surveys, one pertaining to various possible stress levels, and another pertaining to lucid dreaming. Along with these surveys, I hope to attach a consent form for the participant and a guardian to sign. However, the signatures will remain confidential when I graph the results.These surveys will take no longer than 15 minutes of your time to fill them out. I would appreciate it if you sent me your answers to the survey and the signed consent forms to my screenname: [email protected]. Each survey will be posted as a separate post. Thank you for your time.

      Spoiler for Consent Form for Parents of Youth Participants:

      Spoiler for Consent Form for Adults:

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