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      Cooperative WBTB

      As the title implies I wen to lucidipedia and followed its in depth Wake Back to Bed Tutorial. I then spent the night at a friends house and we did a "co-op" WBTB it was pretty fun just watching parts of the matrix, reciting auto-suggestion, meditating, and ect for an hour or so. Neither of us got a lucid dream, but I recalled 4 dreams that night and he 8. It was a good experience. I posted this to suggest that others invite friends to do an induction technique like a WILD or WBTB and spend the night. It's fun and you get to share experiences in the morning.

      Also I think I may have discovered a great way to get a WILD I will share when it's perfected.
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      I don't count these as true lucids because they where not very clear, but until I have my first real lucid these will do.)

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      Nice, sounds like fun, but, that's assuming you have someone who is willing to do a WBTB with you
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