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      DILD = Death Initiated Lucid Dream

      I was at a power plant, and for some reason I have this feeling I am going to die from the electricity. I am with my parents, my dad and step mom, when all of a sudden, we die from the electricity

      Next, the three of us, are in some kind of department store, completely lucid.

      My dad asks "Where are we?" I recognize the lucid state (but not that I am currently dreaming) and decide to try to explain to my parents that this is where you go after you die. (My idea in the dream came from A Waking Life.)

      My dad, of course, did not believe me so I decided to show him. I held out my hand and spoke "money", afterward a few dollars appeared in my raised hand. Although, shocked, my dad denied what just happened and continued to search the department store. After trying to do a few flips in the air, I got him to try out some miracles on his own... the dream goes on and then dies off...

      All in all, the dream wasn't as fascinating to me as how I initiated lucidity..

      By dying in my dream (which I have never fully recalled doing before) I became lucid, which makes one think, was this particular scene in A Waking Life true?

      Will we be able to travel in a Lucid Dreaming state after we die?

      What will the first thing you will do with all the power you have ever wanted, fully conscience, in this state for as long as you wished to stay there?

      What happens after you are completely satisfied with all your desires?

      After your desires die off, will this become your purgatory?

      Or is purgatory really living in this world with desires?


      To be honest, I think I would take pleasure in more questions than answers.

      Thanks for reading.
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      Well, I personally restrain from harboring beliefs on death and what happens after it, as I do not see how we can comprehend it. As for your suggestion though, an endless Lucid Dreaming state after death would indeed eventually become a puragtory.

      Of course, this sounds preferable (to me) than some other people's theories on the afterlife (such as nothingness =/).

      Really, this is an interesting topic. If you had all eternity in your mind, free to do as you please, what would you do? Perhaps you could create life, a universe, craft a reality. See, this starts delving into the question of what you percieve reality as, (simply your concioussness, a set thing, etc.) and what your own thoughts on the greater things in life are.

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      So, as an induction technique, all you have to do is convince yourself that after death you enter an infinite lucid dream. And so, in order to become lucid, you simply have to believe this so firmly that there's no room for error, and after death you will be lucid. Then you just have to find a way to get your non-lucid self to die in a dream, so that you can become lucid, but only if, when you die, you stay dreaming, instead of just waking up?

      By the way, I hope everyone on this site knows what DILD means by now.


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      I can imagine that. Like EILD with a gun. After you see the red flashes, it shoots you.


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