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    Thread: About Dream Journals

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      The purpose of this forum is to allow members to keep their own personal Dream Journal that they can update regularly, and that other members can read and comment on.

      How to Create Your Dream Journal
      Basically, you create a new thread, name is whatever you want (example: Mr. X’s Dream Journal), and then use the Reply button to continue to add posts as new journal entries.

      1. Click on “New Topic” (on the right side of the screen).
      2. Choose a name (and description, if you want).
      3. You can either use this first post for your first journal entry, or to announce the start of your Dream Journal.
      4. Click “Post New Topic” to create your thread.

      Adding Entries to Your Dream Journal
      Reply to your own thread as you would do any other thread. Do NOT start a new thread for each journal entry. Check out some of the other dream journals to see how it works. Basically, you have your very own thread that you can add onto indefinitely.

      1. Find your thread, go into it, and click “Reply” (you can use Fast Reply or Add Reply)
      2. Type up your entry, then click “Add Reply”.

      Other Important Information
      Other members are able to read your Dream Journal, and post replies/comments. Therefore, when composing your Dream Journal entries, keep this in mind: every day more and more people join the Internet. If you're about to detail a dream involving someone who may not like reading what you've dreamed about them, you may want to think twice about sharing it here. At the very least, try and conceal their identity in your entry using abbreviations, etc.

      If you have any questions regarding Dream Journals, please contact one of DV’s Dream Guides.
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