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    Thread: Alien/Monster Abduction Technique (T-WILD) Mega Thread

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      Alien/Monster Abduction Technique (T-WILD) Mega Thread

      I want to throw in some interesting ideas about inducing WILD, I hope this board is open to new approaches.

      I hope everyone around here at some point heard about techniques about going out of the body in a book or website, like the rolling out of bed or Sinking, Levitation, Phantom Limbs, The Rope technique and heard by many that they can also be used for Lucid induction interchangeable. I will say that I rarely used those techniques for Astral Projection, because they are hardly reproducible. In books they just says that everyone knows how to levitate naturally with no further explanation, which is confusing. Which make me to come with more outside of the book ideas.

      What is the common point between the technique I listed above, they all are inducing forces coming from you, you levitate, you sink; you got the idea. They can be considered tactile WILD techniques, but what if the force is coming from outside of you? From this idea the name of the technique in the title is coming. We just need to tap into our imagination a little and everything is stacking in place.

      Levitate)Instead on trying to levitate on your own, you can imagine that there is an UFO above your house and it's using his gravity beam to pick you up out of your window, you can make it more vivid by imagine the sounds of the UFO like in the Old movies, if you hold on that imagination while falling asleep, you can start to feel that you levitating up and at some point to try and open your dream eyes and make a RC.

      Sinking) Imagine that you are laying on surface of the water, like you do in sea and there are some sort of sea monster beneath you, circling around like an octopus or a leviathan, you must feel the idea and at some point to use your tactile imagination, too feel how he grab you with his tentacles and sink you in the water and after a while to make a RC.

      Rolling out) Imagine a monster or human is coming into your room, you can hear his footsteps and imagine the tactile sensation of him grabbing yours legs and start to pull you out of bed, at some point you can feel that you are being dragged out of bed on the ground and dragged around the room, at this time you can try to open your dream eyes and make a RC.

      You can use your imagination to create such scenarios for yourself, be creative and pls share them here.

      If you try any of this or other, please share your results here or give a DJ link to your dream.

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