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      Lightbulb Esoteric Knowledge and Psychic Defense

      I would like to open a discussion on all things esoteric and best practices for psychic defense. What have you discovered about these things, what works best for you?

      I will begin with a few things i have discovered:
      -the soul exists as a small energy sphere within the centre of your body, located just below the sternum. The soul produces energy (soul energy) which forms your spirit. The soul is connected to your oversoul and your higher self acts as an intermediary between the two.
      -when you dream, you dream within the spirit. The spirit is linked with the astral realm and when you venture beyond the boundaries of your own spirit you begin picking up on things in the astral realm.
      -there is no need for the use of psi shields in psychic defense. Your aura IS your shield, strengthen your aura and you strengthen your natural shield. This can be accomplished through meditation.
      -people talk about using love to fight off enemies, but this is a misconception. You don't use love but the power generated from love. You use this power as a force to repel like a magnetic force. The force used can be generated from anything that gives you power be it love, hate, determination, willpower anything that you can generate power from can be used as a force to push away anything negative. Most often the best rule of thumb is to fight fire with fire.

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      Moved, this does not belong in beyond dreaming, it's not about dreaming...

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